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Chuck Pagano expects to coach Colts in 2017

The NFL's annual wave of firings has -- so far -- spared anyone of note in Indianapolis. Colts coach Chuck Pagano doesn't expect that to change.

"No," Pagano said when asked Monday if there was any doubt about returning for next season.

"This is just based on your confidence?" asked a reporter.

"I just look at things and it's always half full," Pagano said. "And I don't have any reason to believe why I wouldn't be."

Still, Pagano confirmed that he has yet to meet with team owner Jim Irsay, who told last month that it would be "unlikely for any changes to occur," with the caveat that he still planned to "sit down and thoroughly vet the season."

After missing the playoffs two years in a row, Pagano and embattled general manager Ryan Grigson have plenty of explaining to do. Especially Grigson, who has failed to develop a top-flight defense or offensive line that can adequately protect franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. The Colts were a frustrating operation this seasons, begging the question if the powers-that-be know how to maximize Luck's prime.

"8-8 is not good enough. And that's on me," Pagano said, adding that he sees at least some transition happening to the Colts: "I told players today this team won't be the same. It's the harsh reality. I told them don't worry about the future ... just worry about today."

For now, that's all Pagano can do.

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