Chuck Pagano backtracks, thanks God for Andrew Luck

Call it a backtracking for the ages or call it a clarification of hurried post-game remarks, but either way Colts head coach Chuck Pagano had some nice things to say about quarterback Andrew Luck on Tuesday.


For background, Pagano's post game comments on Monday could have been taken a few different ways. To some, it looked like he was directly insulting Luck by making a joke about mathematics. To others, it looked like Pagano's quote about Luck playing with a bad offensive line for the past three seasons was a direct shot at general manager Ryan Grigson.

Would-be controversies like this have a way of walking themselves back to the safety of faux-harmony, which is where we (think) we find Indianapolis on this 0-2 post-game Tuesday. The team also has a series of games against the Titans, Jaguars and Texans coming up which, more than anything, can help us believe that all is well with the Indianapolis Colts. It may not be until Oct. 18 against the Patriots at home that we truly find out about Pagano, Luck and the rest of this roster. Fluke starts are no stranger to the NFL, but is this 0-2 start just a fluke?

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