Chris Long Will Get Tattoo of LB Coach's Face If Eagles Win

If the Eagles pull off an upset win on Sunday, the team will take home their first Lombardi trophy, Philly fans will rejoice, and DE Chris Long will be getting some new ink.

For those of you wondering what Long's tattoo would look like, here's Eagles LB coach Ken Flajole.

Most of the time when you hear about crazy sports tattoos, it's fans getting bold, premature tats. Then, there are others who opt for hilariously inaccurate portraits of their favorite athletes.

So, it's refreshing to see that Long -- who won Super Bowl LI with the Pats last year -- is willing to keep his word if the Eagles are victorious.

However, be careful with those hypothetical promises, you may have to fulfill those bets. That being said, if I win the Powerball lottery, I'll get a tattoo of the winning ticket on my face.

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