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Chris Johnson: Jets would've won more with Vick

It seems that Jets players now have a built-in excuse for the season falling apart.

After Michael Vick's honest assessment of the quarterback situation, in which he said that the Jets likely would have won more gameshad he been under center for the entire year, some other players have started hopping on the bandwagon.

"I think if he was starting from Day 1 it would be totally different. He came in and his role was to help Geno (Smith) develop and try to help him the best he can, but at the end of the day it turned out how it turned out and (we've) just got to live with it."

Johnson's best rushing game of the season came amid Vick's first start in Kansas City, so it might not be a surprise that he feels this way.

The interesting thing is how many players will pile on in the future. If Smith was so universally doubted among his teammates, does that not speak to a higher issue going forward? Does it not look poorly on a general manager who cannot sense it?

At best, one could argue that the Jets might have stolen another three games this season had Vick played the way he did on Sunday vs. Pittsburgh. The defense is another story altogether.

But it will undoubtedly remain a gripe for the remainder of the season if Vick continues to play well, which Vick will obviously try to do if he's truly interested in starting somewhere in 2015.

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