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Chris Harris: 'I'm treating Andrew Luck like Big Ben'

Getting through the Indianapolis Colts' offensive line hasn't been a huge challenge for defenses the past two seasons. Getting Andrew Luck to the ground, on the other hand, presents a problem.

Luck has a knack of shedding tacklers, buying time and finding receivers downfield or trotting to open space. It's a trait Denver cornerback Chris Harris Jr. will be wary of when the Broncos and Coltsface off Sunday night.

"I'm treating Andrew Luck like Big Ben," Harris said citing Roethlisberger, who he faced in the 2011 playoffs and the 2012 regular-season opener, per the Broncos' official team website. "When you're playing Roethlisberger, you can't tackle him low. You have to tackle him high, and tackle the ball, because he's so strong.

"So we know with Andrew Luck running around, we've got to plaster -- and 'plaster' means we've got to lock onto our guys immediately when we see him out of the pocket, because it's going to happen."

The comparison is apt as both quarterbacks have the strength to shed blockers and mobility to find receivers when defensive backs try to rally up the field.

The Colts' offensive line is once again littered with concerns entering the season opener, so if Harris and his Broncos teammates can corral Luck it will go a long way to avenging last season's loss to Indy.

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