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Chris Harris fumes over Harry Douglas' 'dirty' hit

Chris Harris Jr. avoided a major injury after taking a low blow from Titans receiver Harry Douglas in Denver's 13-10 loss to Tennessee.

After the hit, Harris' teammate Aqib Talib went after Douglas, starting a brouhaha. Following the game, Harris was still heated about the low blow.

"That's dirty. He should be fined," Harris said, per the Denver Post. "That's not football. ... Never had a guy try to end my career like that."

Harris then took to Twitter to reiterate his stance.

Harris said his knee hurt a little, but would be OK.

Talib deserves points for sticking up for his teammate. The corner continued to toss heat at Douglas after the game.

"It was a dirty play by a sorry player," Talib said of the Titans' receiver, via Mike Klis of 9News. "He didn't do nothing coming into this game. He didn't catch no passes.

"He come into this game and chop guys in the back. He got the same agent as me (Todd France) so when I see his ass in Atlanta I'm going to beat his ass."

Douglas was not flagged for the hit but should be expecting a FedEx envelope from the league office this week with a hefty fine note.

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