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Chris Harris: Don't know why they had us in same room

Everybody has chimed in on what Cam Newton did or did not do during his post-game press conference.

Though, it has come to light that the Panthers quarterback was an earshot from Broncos cornerback Chris Harris' presser. While a dejected, and rightfully so, Newton answered questions, he overheard Harris boast about how the Broncos stopped the regular season MVP. It was at that moment that he abruptly called off his media session.

Harris was unaware that Newton could hear him after the game and he spoke on the situation on Monday.

"I had no idea, I don't know why they had us in the same room or anywhere close to where they can hear us. So I would've been mad too if I was Cam, to be able to hear your opponent right behind you talking, I mean nobody wants to hear that," Harris told ESPN. "So I think that was a bad setup, but things happen. You gotta deal with it, you gotta approach things as a man and we've been in that situation where we lost the Super Bowl and you gotta be able to take things as they come. I'm just happy we were on the good side of things this time."

The postgame Super Bowl setup probably needs to be altered going forward. It's an uncomfortable situation to have both teams in such close proximity after the biggest game of the players' life. Having one team's press conferences before the other is the logical choice.

Regardless of the setup, most people won't completely absolve Newton of his actions. But what competitive athlete wants to sit and listen to the victorious team gloat after the biggest loss of his career?

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