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Chris Harris: Broncos set to score 'at least 30 a game'

The Denver Broncos last season were saddled with a turnover-prone, mistake-filled offense that left their formidable defense in one fix after another.

The core troubles began under center, where Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch all started -- and all struggled -- while producing more turnovers than every team in the league outside of Cleveland.

The arrival of veteran passer Case Keenum, though, has players on both sides of the ball optimistic about this year's operation.

"Our offense is way better than they were last year," cornerback Chris Harris Jr. told the team's official website. "With Case under center, he's throwing great balls, he's had great accuracy all of camp. He's improved from OTAs.

"I feel like Case and them are clicking right now, and I expect them to put up points. I don't see anybody just shutting them down like that with our receivers that we got. Our O-line is way better. I see them putting up points. At least 30 a game."

A far cry from the paltry 18.1 points per tussle the offense squeezed out last year, but a couple factors provide confidence: First off, veteran wideouts Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders have traveled for years without a trusty third receiver, but second-rounder Courtland Sutton has been the talk of training camp.

Secondly, the team believes Keenum will be helped by third-round back Royce Freeman. NFL Network's Dan Hellie visited Broncos camp in recent days and tweeted: "Draft Royce Freeman in fantasy leagues. He will be their bell cow."

Coming off a brilliant season with the Vikings, the question is whether Keenum can duplicate that success in an offense with promise but plenty of variables. While Minnesota offers stars at every position, Denver is asking for a handful of rookies to step into leading roles. It starts with Keenum, though, and his teammates -- especially those on defense -- see a difference at the position this time around.

"People underestimate how Case can move in the pocket," Harris said. "He has great mobility in the pocket. He finds the open hole. He can make all the throws. Man, I'm excited to have him as our quarterback this year from what he's shown us in training camp.

"I think everybody is excited. We love being the underdog. Everybody's sleeping on us. I wouldn't sleep on us too much no more. Not with our quarterback."

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