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Chris Harris: Broncos corners will be 'on an island'

Chris Harris Jr. and Aqib Talib thrived in their first season together in the Broncos' secondary.

Harris doesn't expect that to change in 2015. In fact, Harris believes a new Broncos coaching staff will put even greater faith in the two talented cornerbacks.

"(The defense) is going to rely a lot more on me and Talib to make a lot of plays," Harris said Monday on the first day of voluntary workouts, according to the team website. "We're going to be out there on an island a lot. It's a lot of responsibility on us to be able to shut our guys down."

"Everybody else is going to be a lot more aggressive," he added. "I'm pretty much going to be on an island, I've just got to cover my man a lot in this defense."

Harris was regularly used in one-on-one situations under Jack Del Rio, but the All-Pro expects to be put in more aggressive situations with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips calling the shots.

"I'm excited for Wade Phillips to 'activate' me to make a lot of plays," Harris said. "Hopefully it means, 'Call my number to go make a play, be able to blitz, do everything.' "

Champ Bailey once served as the blueprint for to serve as a true shutdown corner. Now Harris looks to follow in his former teammate's footsteps.

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