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Chris Baker won't be suspended for Nick Foles hit

Washington Redskins defensive lineman Chris Bakerinstigated a brawl in last week's game against the Philadelphia Eagles after blindsiding quarterback Nick Foles with a massive blow during an interception return.

Baker was ejected along with Eagles left tackle Jason Peters, who came to Foles' defense.

Although Baker was penalized for hitting a defenseless quarterback, he will not be suspended by the NFL, the Washington Post reports, via a top league executive.

"Baker didn't do anything wrong with that hit," NFL's executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said. "When you look at the rule, he didn't do anything illegal.

"People can say it's a cheap shot and you can talk about whether it might fall under unsportsmanlike conduct. But when you know the rule and you look at the play, he didn't hit him in the head. He didn't hit him in the neck. We looked at it. I looked at it very closely. He's not going to be fined for that."

Vincent did not rule out a fine for Baker, but said no player involved in the melee will be suspended for his actions.

For his part, Baker said he would hit Foles again under similar circumstances. To which Peters replied, "He's gonna get the same result."

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