Chip Kelly 'wouldn't rule anything out' with next job

Is former Eagles and 49ers coach Chip Kelly destined to return to college football?

At the least, he would not rule it out.

"I evaluate all jobs individually," Kelly told FOX Sports on Tuesday. "I wouldn't rule anything out."

Kelly wanted to make clear that his only rule in changing jobs is not to leave a team in the middle of their season.

"I've never said I'm only looking at one thing," Kelly said. "I will never leave my team when there are games left in the season, so I never looked at college because all those jobs are filled while NFL season is still going on.

"I only talked to NFL teams after our bowl game was over when I was at Oregon. It's pretty simple for me: You can never leave your players during the season. How can you ask players to be all in and then leave when you get a better deal?"

While this is mostly true, Kelly has said multiple times that he wasn't looking to go back. This last happened back in late November when Kelly's former team, the Oregon Ducks, fired head coach Mark Helfrich. At the time, Kelly was an obvious successor but said "I haven't talked to a college since I've been in the NFL and that's not my goal. My goal is to be the head coach of the 49ers and that's what I want to do. So, I don't know why that's a new, it surprises me that that continues to be a new story. It's been the same story since I left four years ago. So, I'm not looking to go back and that's what I've always said."

Kelly's next move will be a fascinating one. His current reputation in the NFL would make him a tough sell to owners as an offensive coordinator in 2017, even if there are a handful of vacancies. Despite perception, there are established coaches in the league who seem to admire the 53-year-old (including Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick), but could the right coach find a way to make it work?

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