Chip Kelly won't hate on the Dallas Cowboys

Chip Kelly understands the historical animosity between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, but in advance of Sunday's showdown that could decide the NFC East winner, the coach isn't getting into the hating game.

"I understand that (dislike)," Kelly said, per the Philadelphia Daily News. "But that's not the way we're wired. I want to compete against the best. It's the same thing, if we went to go to play any other place in the NFL, they would allow us to practice at their facility. When I was in college, everybody allowed us to practice -- USC practiced at our place when we were at Oregon, and we practiced at their place. That's what this deal is all about."

(Kelly's response is partially rooted in a recent ridiculous story wherein he took flak from a local college coach for allowing an Oregon team to use the Eagles' practice facility.)

Kelly knows the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry runs deep, but he doesn't believe it needs to devolve into abhorrence.

"I've never been a hate guy," he said. "I don't hate anybody we've ever played. I've got the utmost respect for 'em, and I hope when we have an opportunity to play any team we play, that they're at their full strength. That's the best part about it; that's when really true competitors go against it."

Needless to say, Kelly won't be invited to the Playa Haters Ball next year.

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