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Chip Kelly: We have 'full confidence' in Sam Bradford

The Philadelphia Eagles have climbed their way back on top of the NFC East. However, the play of Sam Bradford has had little to do with the team's recent success.

Philadelphia is 3-3 after their 27-7 Monday night win against New York Giants -- in a game during which it seemed like both Eli Manning and Bradford were playing hot potato with the football. The two quarterbacks accounted for five of the game's seven turnovers.

Bradford has nine interceptions to go with his nine touchdown passes on the season. Yet Chip Kelly remains steadfast that Bradford is the team's quarterback.

"Sam's our quarterback. We have full confidence in Sam," Kelly told reporters Tuesday.

The play of Bradford thus far this season has No. 2 quarterback written all over him, but it would be a bit of an overreaction to pull the plug on the oft-injured QB with the team currently leading the division.

To help turn around Bradford and the offense, Kelly pointed out the team needs to get on the practice field.

"It's drill work. Obviously, a lot of situations we do in the training, like (with every team), are controlled situations. When it comes to the game, it's an uncontrolled situation. We need to simulate it as best we can, but you also can't go live, full-go, and have a rush get after him and try to hit him in practice, just because you don't want to lose your quarterback in practice."

All coaches wrestle with trying to make their practices simulate game situations as best they can. But turning around Bradford's turnover rate might be a tough task for Kelly. Bradford has only completed a full season twice in his career and he has had double-digit interceptions in both of those years.

During the offseason, the six-year veteran bet of himself when negotiating his contract. So far it's looking like Bradford bet wrong. But maybe some more "drill work" will do the trick.

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