Chip Kelly puts Florida rumors to bed

It was obviously a difficult decision for Chip Kelly to leave the college ranks for the NFL, but it doesn't sound like the nostalgia lingered for long.

The Eagles head coach, who was rumored to be a part of Florida's vetting process, dispelled any interest in the Gators' job, and said he hasn't even been contacted.

"I laugh," Kelly said when asked how he responds to such rumors. "No, I think it's silly. Because it's a rumor, it's not the truth. I think things that are false are silly."

Counting Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, that makes two big NFL names that have denied any interest in the Florida opening in the past two days.

Because of the job's stature and attractiveness, we likely haven't heard the end of it, either. Though names like Colorado State's Jim McElwain are dominating the conversation, it's hard to imagine at least a few NFL coaches aren't interested in the Florida gig.

Not Kelly, though, who is in a rare sweet spot for coaches who have made the leap. His scheme, his ideas and his mentality have translated to a larger stage. There is no reason for him to go back, now.

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