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Chip Kelly intends to deploy Hyde in 49ers' pass attack

Carlos Hyde wasn't a threat out of the backfield in his first two NFL seasons, catching just 23 passes.

Under Chip Kelly that could change for the San Francisco 49ers' lead back.

"He's got really, really good hands," Kelly said, via the team's official website. "He made a really nice catch (on Tuesday) in the flats on a difficult throw. It's interesting from someone that size and that has that skill set as a guy coming out of the backfield. So, it's certainly something we need to continue to build upon with him."

Kelly's run-based offense wants to move fast. Not having to swap out running backs while retaining the run-pass option out of the backfield is key.

Hyde believes receiving is a skill he's always owned, even if two previous coaching staffs dismissed it.

"I think it's something that's overlooked, but this year we may get to see it," Hyde said. "I like playing receiver. It's another opportunity to get out in space and get the ball in your hands.

"To me, it's the feeling that you're taking over the game. The defense isn't just worried about your running the ball, they've got to worry about you coming out of the backfield, catching the ball and making plays after you catch the ball. It puts stress on the defense and opens up things for other people on the team."

If he shows acumen in the pass game, Hyde will translate perfectly to Kelly's offense. The back already owns the lateral agility to excel in Kelly's beloved stretch-zone runs, has the speed to get to the outside and power through the middle. If Hyde adds pass-catching and blocking to his repertoire, Kelly will have little reason to remove his best back from the field.

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