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Chip Kelly insists Eagles aren't trading for safety help

If the Eagles are in the market for a safety, Chip Kelly isn't showing his hand.

The coach on Monday shot down a report from Pro Football Talk that Philly is "looking to add a starting-caliber safety" ahead of Tuesday's 4 p.m. ET trade deadline.

"A lot of times, the people who float that are the people who want their safeties picked up," Kelly said Monday, per Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I may look into that, but we're not actively looking to upgrade anything."

Kelly praised the play of Nate Allen and Malcolm Jenkins and called the drummed-up drama surrounding the league's trade deadline much ado about nothing.

"I think the whole trade deadline in the National Football League is a little bit overblown," Kelly said. "It's not Major League Baseball where we're unloading contracts, four guys are going here, and we're trading minor-leaguers. It makes for good talk, but we're not actively looking for anything. But if someone calls us, we'd obviously listen."

If the Eagleswere looking, it's worth noting that NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that the Bucs are willing to listen to offers for starting safety Mark Barron. But, again, Kelly insists he isn't on the hunt for help.

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