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Chip Kelly: Different defenses have cut our big plays

There haven't been many bigger surprises this season than the relative impotence of Chip Kelly's Eagles offense.

The Eagles have averaged just over 285 yards per game during their 1-2 start, ranking them second-to-last in the NFL. On Thursday, Kelly was asked why we're not seeing the big plays on offense that defined his early tenure with the team.

"I said this since Day 1: How people defend you is how your game will express itself," Kelly said. "Two years ago, we set an NFL record for explosive plays, we've never seen those coverages again. People play off and back of us. They play off and back of us for the last two years.

"You're not throwing the ball down the field when no one's allowing us to throw down the field because they're playing back off of you. The DBs lined up at 10 yards deep, why are you trying to throw the ball deep? That's silly."

According to the NFL Media Research Department, the Eagles had 174 plays that went for 20 or more yards during the 2013 and 2014 seasons, by far the most in football. Through three games this season, the Eagles have just nine plays of 20-plus yards, tied for 24th in football.

Kelly went on to explain that the offense was criticized early last season for throwing deep too often with Nick Foles at quarterback. He added that the Eagles are seeing far more zone coverage now, which dictates a change in strategy.

This all makes sense, but what does this mean for Kelly -- a man who has gained a reputation as an offensive mastermind? The Eagles punched people in the face when Kelly debuted, and now defenses are punching back.

Does "The Genius" have a counter in store, or has Philadelphia's offense already had its fleeting moment in the sun?

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