Chip Kelly admits rules mean his QBs can be hit

Chip Kelly initially took issue with the NFL saying Terrell Suggs shouldn't have been flagged for his preseason Week 2 hit of Sam Bradford because it wasn't on a zone-read play.

After viewing the NFL's weekly officiating video, Kelly relented that given the league's position on when the quarterback can be hit -- until it's clear he does not have the ball or re-establishes a passing position -- a hit is within the rules.

"Those are the rules, so if you're handing the ball off, you can be hit," Eagles coach Chip Kelly said this week, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Whether you're underneath the center, it doesn't matter what run play you have. It was explained to us that you could have your back turned to the defense and if there's potential for you to bootleg out of it, then you can be hit."

After viewing the video, Kelly said he wouldn't adjust his offense, but would simply make his players more aware of the rule.

"It has nothing to do with the play; that was the biggest thing that we came away from it with," Kelly said. "It doesn't matter what play you're running -- if you're handing the ball off and there's a potential that you could keep it on a bootleg or whatever, you can be hit. So, those are the rules. We'll practice with the rules they got."

Many coaches have taught quarterbacks on a simple handoff to make it clear to refs they don't have the ball -- some going so far as to advocating the signal-caller throw his hands up in the air. While the deception within Kelly's offense likely won't lead his players to be too blatant, they will be more prepared to take a hit in the future.

Now this preseason controversy should officially be put to bed.

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