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Chiefs' Travis Kelce isn't shy about demanding ball

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver corps has been the focal point of offseason discussions due to their lack of production last year and perceived question marks in 2015.

With every chat, however, should come a caveat: The most dynamic pass-catcher on the Chiefs doesn't play wide receiver. He plays tight end.

Travis Kelce, a.k.a. Zeus, led the Chiefs last seasons with 67 catches for 862 yards.

In 2015, he wants the ball even more and he's making it known on the practice field.

"You're doing things at the line of scrimmage, changing plays with him, (depending on) how they're playing him leverage-wise," quarterback Alex Smith said, per "He wants a different route so he can get the football. Yesterday in practice, I can hear him make calls at the line of scrimmage because he wants the football.

"Things like that are encouraging. Obviously, he's a tremendous player, but it's so great to kind of see that confidence there on the field, him calling for when he wants the football. As a quarterback, that's encouraging. You want a bunch of guys out there that are feeling good about their matchup and want the football."

The giddy-level for Kelce will reach fever pitch before the season starts. Zeus is the darling of both Chiefs fans and fantasy footballers. And for good reason. He has a Gronk-like combination of size, speed and playmaking ability.

With Smith at the helm, Kelce should see plenty of action when the season opens, whether he's making audible requests or not.

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