Chiefs to feed Jamaal Charles 'as often as we can'

The Chiefs have a good plan for ending their two-game losing streak: Put it all in the hands of Jamaal Charles.

Offensive coordinator Doug Pederson told reporters this week that the team's All-Pro running back will be featured heavily over the next four games as Kansas City looks to capture its second straight playoff berth.

"We as a staff, and me as a coordinator, I have to allow him to touch the football as often as we can," Pederson said, per The Kansas City Star. "You look at the stat sheet and look at the targets and the number of touches that guys get, and then you go back and say, 'Oh, I wish I would have done this or I wish I would have done that, or more of this or less of that,' after the game, win or lose."

Charles saw just 10 handoffs in last week's ugly loss to the Broncos, while his 35 yards rushing were his lowest since Week 2. Pederson attributed that to the Chiefs playing from behind, but even that doesn't compute: Kansas City remains the only team in football without a touchdown pass to a wide receiver this season.

Chiefs wideouts combined have fewer yards than Denver's Demaryius Thomas and fewer catches than Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown. Trailing or ahead, Kansas City doesn't hurt teams through the air.

Building your offense around one running back is risky business in today's pass-happy NFL, but that's Kansas City identity this season under Andy Reid. With remaining tilts against the Cardinals, Raiders, Steelers and Chargers, there's little sense in going away from what got them here.

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