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Chiefs TE Travis Kelce: I wasn't at full strength in 2014

Travis Kelce became a revelation in 2014 and a cult figure for many Kansas City Chiefs fans.

The tight end -- referred to by admirers as "Zeus" for his Greek-god-like physique and ability -- snagged 67 passes for 862 yards and five touchdown catches, leading the Chiefs in all three categories.

Kelce told WKRK-FM in Cleveland on Thursday that he accomplished all that without being fully healthy.

"Everybody last year thought I wasn't getting the reps I was supposed to at the beginning of the year but in reality I only had about a month before training camp where I was allowed to start running," he said, via

"If I went out there playing more snaps than I did, I mean who knows. I might not have been able to make it. My knee still wasn't full strength last year, which is why I'm excited about this year. Now I get the time to take a full offseason and get my legs ready and get my upper body and my explosiveness back that I know I really had. I didn't really feel that comfortable out there on the field but we made it work."

If Kelce can turn in a performance that makes him the darling of the Fantasy Football world and earns him the nickname Zeus without being at full strength, well, hello 2015.

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