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Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy not wasting time thinking about USC job: 'I am where my feet are'

The opening of the head coaching job at USC sent shockwaves through the football world and all the way to Kansas City.

Thanks to the Chiefs' offensive explosion, offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been a hot candidate in the NFL hiring cycle for the last two seasons. His name was tossed into the ring for the USC opening by a number of individuals in tune with both college and professional football, leading to Bieniemy fielding a question on the matter Thursday.

His answer wasn't surprising: Bieniemy is focused on the job he currently holds, not one he might be offered.

"Well you know me -- you guys know me. I am where my feet are," Bieniemy said, per "So when it's all said and done with, I am focused on the task at hand. I'm not worried about anything where my name is being mentioned. My job right now is to make sure that we're preparing for this weekend's opponent."

Bieniemy has performed the duties of his job excellently in the last two seasons, helping Kansas City finish fifth and sixth in points per game in 2019 and 2020, and reaching each of the last two Super Bowls. After winning Super Bowl LIV, Bieniemy became a strong candidate for a number of openings, and following Kansas City's return trip to Super Bowl LV, it seemed it would only be a matter of time until he ascended to a head coaching role somewhere within the NFL.

To this point, that hasn't happened. Bieniemy was passed over by multiple teams in favor of other candidates in the most recent cycle, much to the frustration of those who know him best. None of that has affected his ability to continue to do his job under Chiefs coach Andy Reid, though.

USC simply isn't at the forefront of Bieniemy's mind. Instead, it's the Ravens, who the Chiefs play Sunday night.

"I think you guys know me better than that," Bieniemy said. "So if USC reached out to me right now, my answer would be I am preparing for this team to play against the Baltimore Ravens. And that's how I roll, you guys know that. I am where my feet are, OK? My job is to make sure we're ready to play a complete, sound, 60-minute football game where we can come out and win the game."

Kansas City has been the model franchise in the NFL over the last two seasons, and Bieniemy has played no small part in its rise to the top of the league. His résumé speaks for itself. It will be up to those seeking coaching candidates to reach out to him.

With 17 weeks left in the NFL regular season, Bieniemy has a long road of work ahead of him. That could change with a call from the Trojans, but for now, he's not wasting any time dreaming of wearing a different shade of red and gold.

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