Chiefs OC Bieniemy: Mahomes' underhand TD toss called 'Smoked Sausage'

Patrick Mahomes is breaking football.

From no-look throws, to jump fakes to softball shovel passes, he seems to find new ways every week to make plays.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said Mahomes' underhand touchdown toss this past Monday was not planned that way -- but the screen play does have a name that's as exotic as it was executed: "Smoked Sausage."

The 5-yard flip to fullback Anthony Sherman was the first of four Mahomes touchdown passes against the Ravens, although not the shortest or most unexpected. The wunderkind quarterback finished the night with a 2-yard lob to offensive tackle Eric Fisher as the Chiefs cooked their AFC counterparts, 34-20.

In addition to becoming the youngest player ever to win league and Super Bowl MVP, Mahomes has been adding his own flavors to Kansas City's famous barbecue scene since he arrived.

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