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Chiefs exercise fifth-year option on OL Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher came into his own this past season, and it earned him the security of a fifth-year option.

The former No. 1 overall pick, who struggled over his first 30 games, had his best season in 2015 bouncing between three different positions. Initially grouped into what some have called the worst draft class in the last decade, Fisher is starting to show signs of elite-level talent up front. Kansas City has committed $11.9 million -- guaranteed for injury only -- toward his development in 2017.

"I saw him get comfortable with his game, most of all, and with himself as an NFL player," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said earlier this offseason, via The Kansas City Star. "He kind of let his personality show. And he's a young guy who has gotten better every year. I thought this was a big jump this past year, and I would expect it to be another jump this year."

Chiefs general manager John Dorsey preached patience with Fisher. Increasingly, it's harder and harder for tackles to make the jump from college to the NFL and the team is hoping that another year in the same offense pays off.

If nothing else, the fifth-year option is a failsafe that the team can eventually back out of. If last year was an anomaly instead of a preview, they are no worse for the ware.

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