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Chiefs' Eric Berry will keep playing lighter in 2016

Chiefs safety Eric Berry capped an improbably heroic comeback from Hodgkin lymphoma this past season, which concluded with another trip to the Pro Bowl.

And one of the most remarkable aspects of his fight was the ability to continue working out through the unbearable pain. Berry was able to play at his college weight of 210 pounds last season and almost felt better than ever.

"The offseason plan is, I like my weight, I like where it was at," Berry told the Kansas City Star recently. "If I can cut my weight and still perform at a high level, I'll do that because the way the game is going, you don't really need to be bulky like that."

Berry cited Jamaal Charles as part of his inspiration. Charles is a health nut who keeps himself in peak condition year round.

Scouts, teammates and opponents noticed a swifter and more aggressive Berry this season against all odds. The scary thing about him is that he's just 27, and could be entering a new prime in his career at a more agile weight. Berry told The Star that he felt the constant need to bulk up for a safety was meaningless, and especially in Bob Sutton's defense, it gives him the opportunity to see more of the field.

The Chiefs still have to make a decision on Berry's contract, something that will not only reward him for what he's done in the past, but what he will do in the future. It seems bright from here.

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