Chiefs coach Andy Reid, 62, isn't close to considering retirement

Coaching Patrick Mahomes can keep any sexagenarian feeling young.

Knowing Mahomes is under contract in Kansas City for the next 12 years, 62-year-old Andy Reid isn't even contemplating retiring anytime soon.

Asked by Herbie Teope of the Kansas City Star whether Mahomes being under contract for such a long stretch would allow him to coach into his "young 70s," Reid noted he currently has zero thoughts of walking away.

"In the young 70s, huh?" Reid quipped, via a transcript released by the team. "Listen, I haven't got to that point mentally where I'm thinking about retirement. One of the great things about this job is when you look forward to coming to work and to deal with the players and coaches. I'm lucky enough to be around good players and coaches. This guy here [Mahomes], makes it even better. He has a unique ability with what he does with his teammates. The Honey Badger [Tyrann Mathieu] was part of this too. ... Both of those two guys make our jobs very enjoyable. I come to work and have two great leaders like that, along with other players who love to play the game. Listen, if it takes me into my 70s, then let's roll. Herbie, doggone it, I'm ready to go."

If Reid sticks around until the end of Mahomes' current extension, he'd be 74 years old. Currently, Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll, both 68, are the oldest NFL coaches. Famously, Buffalo Bills great Marv Leavy and Chicago Bears legendary founder George Halas coached when they were 72 years old.

The alliance of Reid and Mahomes has wed one of the most creative coaches in NFL history to a quarterback who paints with a brush of fire on a football field. The duo sparks ingenuity, imagination and a willingness to shoot for the stars at every turn.

In just three years together -- two with Mahomes as the starter -- Reid and Mahomes have some discussing their names with the likes of great coach/QB couplings such as Belichick and Brady, Payton and Brees and Walsh and Montana.

"We knew that pairing Pat with coach Reid was going to be something special, and they were going to be able to accomplish things that the league hasn't seen before," Chiefs GM Brett Veach said.

Now the Chiefs have a decade or so to watch Reid and Mahomes concoct more magic before the coach considers riding off into the sunset.

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