Chiefs add QB Kyle Shurmur, son of Pat, to roster

With the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player injured, the Chiefs have turned to veteran Matt Moore to take the reins following a year away from football and will now turn to undrafted free agent Kyle Shurmur from the practice squad in the backup role.

Shurmur, a rookie out of Vanderbilt who is the son of Giants coach Pat Shurmur, was elevated to the Kansas City 53-man roster from the practice squad, the team announced on Tuesday afternoon.

It was an expected move ever since Mahomes went down with a dislocated knee cap on Thursday night against the Broncos.

So expected that Chiefs coach Andy Reid was fielding questions ahead of the official move.

"He has worked hard," Reid said, per team transcript, when asked about the younger Shurmur on Monday. "He is obviously young and doesn't have a ton of experience, that would be the negative part. The positive is that when he had opportunities to play in the preseason, he did well. I mean, he made the team, which is a big thing. If that's the direction we go, we go. Brett deals with all of that. He sure put together a nice preseason, if that means anything. You have no data and I have no data on him playing in a regular season game."

Heading into the week, the extent of Shurmur's NFL game experience was in four preseason appearances with him completing 33-of-56 passes for 316 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

As father Pat Shurmur coaches rookie Daniel Jones against the host Lions during Sunday's early slate, he should have plenty of time after his game to tune in to see if his son gets into the action on Sunday night.

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