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Chicago Bears fans are going to love WR Kevin White

CHICAGO -- The local team might have just picked up the most charismatic player available in the 2015 NFL Draft.

West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White, drafted by Chicago at No. 7 overall, was the highlight of the post-draft press conferences in the Auditorium Theater's media room, mixing humor with genuine modesty, an affable air and a sense of perspective rare for a young superstar athlete.

Bears fans are going to love him.

White emphasized foremost that his road less traveled to success will ensure that he remains just as grounded in the NFL as he was at Lackawanna College in 2012.

"I've been through so much. I was never given anything," White explained. "I'll be the same guy. I don't care how much money I get, how many girls want me now. ... I love to make people laugh. I'm all for the community. I got a big heart."

Here's what else we learned from the engaging White on Thursday night:

» Asked if he would have preferred to go to a team with an established head coach and general manager rather than the Bears' new regime, White replied, "Oh, man, are you kidding me. I'm right here where I need be. I'm very excited. ... Every time I've been out here, I've never wanted to leave. I love the community."

» A "determined" White stressed how much a year away from football at Lackawanna College gave him a sense of appreciation for the game:

"Whatever I have to do to help the team, whether it's blocking, catching passes downfield, setting up plays for my teammates. I never went to my coaches and quarterbacks and (demanded), 'throw me the ball.' I'm willing to do whatever it takes. ... I love this. I love this. It's a dream come true."

» White downplayed the pressure of replacing Brandon Marshall in the Bears' offense, explaining that he and the new Jets wideout are "cool friends, real cool" and the two have been in touch since last season. "I'm up to the challenge," White added.

» Our favorite moment of the night was when White was asked where his humble nature derives. "Well, I think either you're humble or you get humbled," White replied, without missing a beat. "And like I said, I was never given anything -- in high school or junior college. ... Even when I had a great year at West Virginia, I didn't change. Whatever I have to do to make the fans happy, I'm willing to do."

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