Check out the 5 highest-rated QBs in 'Madden 19'

1. Would you rather have Tom Brady under center or Aaron Rodgers? See where the NFL's elite QBs rank in Madden 19.

2. Former Texans Arian Foster, Brian Cushing, and Andre Johnson held a camp for the Santa Fe football team.

On May 18, ten people -- eight students and two teachers -- were killed in a mass shooting at Santa Fe High School.

3. Did you hit the gym and work off that Fourth of July gluttony? If not, here's some workout inspo from Giants RB Saquon Barkley.

4. 49ers legend Dwight Clark's ashes were laid to rest next to the goal post from "The Catch."

5. If Rob Gronkowski shows up to your wedding, it's bound to be fun time. That being said, don't put any opposing team paraphernalia on him (especially Bills gear).

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