Charles Woodson invited to visit Oakland Raiders next week

Free agent Charles Woodson was invited to visit the Oakland Raiders, and the plan is for that to happen Tuesday.

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Woodson left a recent trip with the Denver Broncos without a contract, but they did make him an offer. Other interested teams include the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants, along with several who have asked to remain unnamed.

The Broncos are not out of the picture yet, but the likelihood is they would need to up their offer, which was more than the minimum. Others have balked at eclipsing the minimum.

Woodson's agent, Carl Poston, reiterated that Woodson does plan on playing next year somewhere, and that the three-time All-Pro safety does not want to retire. As Woodson told him, "(Woodson) still can do it on the field." Woodson doesn't "just" want to be signed to be a de facto assistant coach helping rookies.

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