Charles, Siciliano battle for a playoff spot in NFL TA league

While most of the playoff spots are set in the NFL Total Access fantasy league, there are still a couple of spaces up for grabs. Interestingly, the two teams in those final two spots face off this week in a pivotal matchup.

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This might be the week's best QB matchup with Charles starting Tom Brady against Auto Draft's Aaron Rodgers. Team Auto Draft should be concerned about the status of Hakeem Nicks and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. But then again, Fran Charles is forced to start Curtis Brinkley. Regardless, with both teams at 4-4, this matchup could have a big impact on the playoffs.

Predicted outcome: Charles survives a sloppy contest and solidifies his playoff spot.

Not sure if it's worthy of praise or derision, but Brian Baldinger is still riding with Chris Johnson. The good news is that Drew Brees, Julio Jones and Jason Witten should make up for that. Meanwhile the surging Team Hebrew could hit a speed bump this week with Adrian Peterson, Cam Newton and the Lions' defense all on byes.

Predicted outcome: Baldinger stays hot and scores his fourth straight win in an upset.

Both teams are essentially out of playoff contention and with rosters littered with disappointing players, it's easy to see why. Burmeister's running back situation took a big hit with Ryan Mathews and Ahmad Bradshaw suffering injuries in the past week, while McGinest has enlisted the help of every running back the Browns have, short of Kevin Mack.

Predicted outcome: McGinest finds a way to win, but it won't be pretty.

It's a credit to Dukes Duds that they're 6-2 despite Chad Ochocinco taking up a roster spot. This week, however, they'll have to pull one out without Darren McFadden and with Willis McGahee and Fred Davis at less than 100 percent. Tony Romo and Michael Turner will need big days. The Kool Kats have the personnel to pull an upset, if only they had better matchups.

Predicted outcome: Dukes Duds stay sharp with a win.

YoFace has a roster loaded with playmakers, many of whom have fantastic matchups this week. Problem is, you can say the same for Henne. The question is, who takes better advantage of those matchups. After eight weeks, it's hard to pick against YoFace.

Predicted outcome: It's hard to pick against YoFace, so we won't.

The Greatest Show is looking to pull out of a five-game tailspin, but not having Andre Johnson isn't going to help. However, if Matt Ryan doesn't have a big game this week, it'll never happen. For East Dillon, Michael Vick has a good matchup, but the rest of the roster leaves a lot to be desired.

Predicted outcome: It's a good Show and it gets them back in the win column.

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