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Chargers update look with shift to powder blue

The Los Angeles Chargers play their home games under the sunny skies of Southern California, but they're embracing the appeal of some fresh powder blue.

In a move likely to be cheered by most, the Chargers are officially making a shift to powder blue. The Chargers revealed their updated logo Tuesday, a simpler icon that replaces their previous double-outlined lightning bolt with one that features a powder blue line that borders a Sunshine Gold bolt. The bolt itself has changed slightly as well, taking on less of a symmetrical arch and flattening out in what can be considered a sharper look.

Also sharp: the Chargers' new wordmark, which is italicized and features crisp serifs on the Ls and A in the team's city identification of Los Angeles. A notable feature in the wordmark can be seen in the team's nickname, with a lightning bolt shooting out of the bottom of the A in "Chargers." Both halves of the wordmark -- "Los Angeles" and "Chargers" -- are available to stand alone when desired.

A darker blue isn't disappearing entirely. While the Chargers have moved to a powder blue and gold set for their primary colors, Los Angeles' version of royal blue -- different than the L.A. neighbor Rams' idea of royal blue -- remains in the team's Color Rush look that harkens back to the days of Junior Seau and the early years of Ladainian Tomlinson. This alternate logo is available for use with both a royal blue bolt outlined in the same Sunshine Gold and the inverse, with a Sunshine Gold bolt outlined in royal blue.

These changes aren't entirely surprising, as the Chargers designated their alternate powder blue jersey as their home uniform in 2019 and paired it with a new gold facemask to better marry the two elements.

New uniforms will follow these new marks at a later date. If they follow the same theme of sharper and simpler, they should be an upgrade, helping the Chargers settle into their new digs with a cleaner look.

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