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Chargers' QB Rivers on NFLN postgame show

Quotes from Chargers QB Philip Rivers' interview on NFL Network's Thursday Night Football Kay Jewelers Postgame Show

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers visited Rich Eisen, Marshall Faulk, Steve Mariucci and Deion Sanders on the set of NFL Network's Kay Jewelers Postgame Show following the Chargers' 34-7 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Night Football. Here is a video link for the interview on and selected quotes.

Quotes from Philip Rivers on NFL Network's postgame show:

On the win:

"It was nice to get another good win. We've stubbed our toe enough this year. We know what we've got to do now: we've just got to keep winning. It's playoffs from here on out."

On having WR Vincent Jackson back:

"It's certainly nice having him back out there. We've had to dink and dunk [the ball] for the last few weeks. Teams weren't going to let us throw it over their head, and we felt like we were going to get an opportunity a couple of times tonight to stretch the field and Vincent was able to do that tonight."

On starting the season slowly and ending strongly:

"I can't explain it]. I'm aggravated we're not 21-0 in December. I'm still mad about that one [last week against the [Oakland Raiders]. The sign of great teams is that they can finish strong at the end of the year. I don't know why we start slowly. If we knew, we would get it solved. After that Jets game in the playoffs last year, I remember thinking it's going to take forever for us to get that opportunity again [and] I don't know if I can wait another year to get that opportunity. And we've almost let it slip away, but here we are with two weeks left to hopefully get another opportunity."

On the rest of the team stepping up in the absence of key players:

"The biggest thing is the guys we've had step up - whoever it be, whether it be an undrafted free agent, free agents we've picked up mid-year - it's not too big for them. Every guy that we've plugged in expects to make the plays, we expect them to make the plays and we just move right along."

On his confidence in those players:

"I think the way you develop that is in practice, and you demand it from each other that there's no drop-off. You expect to win, you expect to play well, and that starts Monday through Saturday. Then we go out and try to get it done."

On carrying the team:

"I think on the outside it looks that way when they think of all the things we've gone through, but a lot should be demanded of you at the quarterback position. That's what [the job] is. But what has been the glue for us is those five guys up front. They really have. They've been the constant. We've had guys shuffling around at the skill positions, but they've been right there blocking each and every week. I think they've carried us through the tough stretch."

On the fluctuations in the lineup:

"I'm about as big of a competitor as there is and I hate to lose. I think we've got great guys that have lined up, even when we've had guys hurt. Regardless of who we put out there, I expect us to go win and I expect to play at a high level. I think when you hate to lose and you're not going to let it drop-off, you're able to get things done."

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