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Chargers not taking Chiefs' Chase Daniel lightly

Alex Smith's lacerated spleen caused an assumption from the outside that facing Chase Daniel would help propel the San Diego Chargers into the playoffs.

Chargers players, however, aren't taking the backup quarterback so lightly in Sunday's showdown. Cornerback Brandon Flowers faced Daniel in practice while with the Chiefs last season and is wary of the quarterback's ability.

"Chase is definitely capable," Flowers said, per "We've got to go in ready to play. I know him. He's a fiery guy. He can make all of the plays. And this is his moment. He feels like this is his moment, so we've got to be well prepared."

In his one start in Week 17 versus the Chargers last season, Daniel completed 21 of 30 passes (70 percent) for 200 yards and a touchdown. He also ran seven times for 59 yards.

"I think they are still going to do what they do," Dwight Freeney said. "They'll probably run the option a little bit more, because that's his background. But outside of that, they are who they are. And I think that team goes through Jamaal Charles."

Given the lack of playmaking weapons outside (the Chiefs still do not have a touchdown pass to a wide receiver this season), expect K.C. to focus on the ground game and short passing attack, much the same as they did with Smith under center.

"The offense doesn't slow down at all with him at the helm," Manti Te'o added. "It's basically the same thing, just a different number."

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