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Chargers' Jackson, McNeill could embark on lengthy holdout

Sources have told the the San Diego Union-Tribune that Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson and left tackle Marcus McNeill may stay away from the team until after Week 10.

The restricted free agents, who are both in search of long-term deals, refused to sign their one-year tenders by the 11:59 p.m. ET deadline Monday.

Jackson and McNeill would need to play six games in 2010 in order to earn an accrued season. Both players want to be credited with this season so they can become unrestricted free agents if the rules change under a new collective bargaining agreement.

Before the deadline, Jackson's tender offer was $3.268 million. After midnight, that offer was reduced to $583,000. McNeill's 2010 salary was reduced from $3.168 million to $600,000.

The agents of both players have been informed by the Chargers that the tender amounts will not be increased at a later date. The agents, in turn, have told the team the players will not be reporting to Chargers Park any time soon.

If the two Pro Bowlers return to the team for the home stretch (Weeks 11-17), McNeill will make $212,000 and Jackson will take home $206,000.

Sources told the Union-Tribune that Jackson and McNeill have made financial preparations in the event that a lockout wipes out the 2011 season.

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