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Chargers GM Telesco evaluating team's draft options

The top two picks in the 2016 NFL Draft have already been traded away over the past eight days. Will No. 3 be next?

Chargers general manager Tom Telesco acknowledged Friday during San Diego's pre-draft press conference that the phones have quieted after watching the Rams and Eagles seize the No. 1 and No. 2 selections, respectively.

"The option's still there. Like I said, the phones were pretty active up until Wednesday and then once that trade was made, it's really slowed down," Telesco said. "But we'd still be open to it, we've got six days to go and we feel like we're in a very good spot and obviously there's going to be a great player there for us to take. If there's a trade there that makes sense for us, we can move back and acquire some picks either this year or next year or both and that would be a great option, too. So we'll kind of see how it plays out."

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported days before Cleveland traded the No. 2 pick to the Eagles that San Diego was netting "just as much action as the Browns" for their third-overall selection. It's fair to wonder if the Chargers, today, wish they pulled off a similar swap for multiple draft picks, but Telesco -- in what sounded more like an invitation to teams -- thinks a trade could still go down well before the draft.

"I think since we pick so early, it would be before you're on the clock," Telesco said. "If you're in the middle of the round or later in the round, those typically happen during the draft or when you're on the clock. But since this year it's a little bit different, we'd probably hear something next week or even today or this weekend."

When colleague Conor Orr listed his winners and losers from the Eagles-Browns swap, he put the Chargers and Cowboys in the winners bracket for good reason. With two quarterbacks going up top, both San Diego at No. 3 and Dallas at No. 4 will have their pick of the draft's most talented players. And if someone falls in love with a prospect, the Chargers are willing to listen.

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