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Chargers' Denzel Perryman scolded for dodgeball

This will not be the only Denzel Perryman thinkpiece you'll read on this bustling Tuesday morning.

Perryman, the Chargers' second-round pick and future starting inside linebacker, has been limited throughout voluntary activities with a hamstring injury. Despite this, he joined some of his teammates for an all-star dodgeball event that benefitted more than 25 local schools in the San Diego area.

The jumping and shifting was not appreciated by Chargers head coach Mike McCoy.

"It's been discussed," McCoy said, via U-T San Diego. "That's all I'm going to say. I've discussed it with him. That's it. You've got to get past these tests here before you do all of that stuff."

There's no indication that Perryman suffered any further injury from playing dodgeball, though the potential was there, which was enough to place the rookie inside McCoy's dog house.

But really, what's the difference? Hamstring injuries and other similar non-contact issues are so fickle and could happen to any player at any time. Dynamic stretching exercises help but can never truly eliminate all the risk.

Plus, it was for a good cause. If nothing else, a high draft pick should be applauded for getting into the community and meeting his fan base.

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