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Chargers CB Florence fined $15,00 for hit on Schaub

SAN DIEGO (AP) -Chargers cornerback Drayton Florence was fined $15,000 by the NFL on Thursday for his helmet-to-helmet hit that gave Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub a concussion.

While Florence said he'll appeal the fine, Houston general manager Rick Smith said the fine wasn't enough. Schaub won't start Sunday's game against Oakland.

"We are disappointed in the sense that we have lost our starting quarterback for at least one game after the player took the crown of his helmet and delivered an illegal blow to Matt's jaw and the fine levied is only a small fraction of the player's weekly pay," Smith said in a statement released by the Texans. "Is that equitable? The punishment doesn't appear to fit the crime when all factors are considered."

With a base salary of $896,000, Florence makes $52,706 a week.

Schaub was blindsided by Florence after throwing his second interception in a 35-10 loss at San Diego on Sunday. He did not return after the second-quarter hit. Linebacker Stephen Cooper also hit the quarterback. Two personal fouls were called, a hit to the head and unnecessary roughness. The first penalty was declined.

It was the second straight week Schaub was knocked out of the game by a helmet-to-helmet blow. He injured his hip on the first one.

Florence said he got a letter from the NFL.

"I haven't even opened it yet or looked at it," he said. "I will appeal it, whatever it is."

Asked if he thought it was a fair amount, he said: "I don't know. I haven't even looked at the film yet to see what the play is. But you know how that is. I will appeal it."

Said Chargers coach Norv Turner: "I don't think that's something that's intentional. Unfortunately, that's the rule. If you hit a guy helmet-to-helmet, any player, they do levy fines."

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