Chad Johnson had a gross remedy for sprained ankles

Former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson was ahead of his time for many reasons, but we did not think medical science was one of them.

That was, until Johnson appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike to talk about a remedy he used for nagging sprained ankles while in the NFL.

"I collect warm urine from my teammates, heat it up, and put my ankle in it for 30 minutes," Johnson said, via


A quick Google search on the matter doesn't even turn up fringe medical sites that support this theory, then again, many of the hits are just blog posts about how outraged people are that Johnson soaked his injured joints in pee. It makes us wonder which teammates readily supplied the urine and why we haven't heard this story before. Wouldn't it make sense in some sort of Ochocinco-era deep dive that one teammate would flag down a reporter and say Hey man, this guy is weirder than you think.

Unless Johnson is kidding, which could be entirely true, we're left with another head scratching but wonderful moment in his career.

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