CeeDee Lamb to wear famed No. 88 for Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb is headed to Dallas with the goal of becoming the franchise's next marquee receiver, and he's accepting the pressure of the jersey that comes with it.

Lamb will wear the famed No. 88 jersey for the Cowboys. The team's site reflected his decision to become the latest highly touted pass-catcher to wear the number, which has graced the shirts of Drew Pearson, Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, and most recently Dez Bryant.

Lamb, who initially said he'd wear No. 10 with the Cowboys, received the number from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who was adamant that his team's newest star addition wears the number. There's a personal connection: Lamb shares the same last name as Jones' close friend and former Arkansas teammate, the late Jerry Lamb, who also once wore No. 88 while with the Razorbacks.

"I said in honor of my great friend, that just passed [last] year, we're going to have his namesake come on here and wear old No. 88 like Michael and Dez and those guys and we got us a receiver," Jerry Jones said, [per the Dallas Morning News](https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2020/04/30/cowboys-wr-ceedee-lamb-lands-no-88-jersey/ target=). "And let me tell you one thing if he's got the [competitive nature] and hearts of that Jerry Lamb, he'll be bad to the bone."

Lamb was undoubtedly a bad man in college, making highlight-reel catches to the delight of those watching, which often included FOX's Gus Johnson. There wasn't anything quite like listening to Johnson fully enunciate "Cee...Dee...Lamb" in his trademark form just moments after the receiver made another spectacular catch for his Oklahoma Sooners.

Jones is hoping Lamb can bring those highlights to Dallas and make those men -- whom Jones holds near and dear to his heart -- proud of the latest player to sport the legendary double-eights.

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