Catching up with James Harrison's Instagram, Vol. 2

James Harrison continues preparation for his 15th NFL season. This involves doing things with weights that may be illegal in some parts of the country.

In his latest feat of strength, the Steelers linebacker pushed a sled stacked with 39 plates at 45 pounds each. Don't do this, James. You're an older man now. You have nothing to prove. You don't have to ... yup he's gonna do it.

Some Twitter reactions:

If Harrison's workouts had an apple-to-apple correlation to his play on the field, he would be the most unstoppable force since Bo in Tecmo Bowl. Hell, he'd be even more lethal than Bo. James Harrison would be literally lethal. Remember in War of the Worlds when the aliens start shooting New Jerseyans with their laser vaporizers and Tom Cruise is getting human being dust all over his face? That's what would happen if James Harrison workouts directly correlated to his on-field play.

I think we're done here.

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