Catching up with James Harrison's Instagram, Vol. 1

Time to introduce a new Friday End Around tradition in the offseason. Welcome to the inaugural edition of What's Happening On James Harrison's Instagram Account?

Hint: He's exercising at a nauseatingly intense level. Let's dig in.

Here's James executing some lateral raises as the velvety tenor of Luther Vandross fills the room.

Here's the Vandross song by the way, a duet with Cheryl Lynn that reached the top five on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart in 1982. (Don't say you don't learn anything at the End Around.)

Contrary to what Instagram might lead you to believe, Harrison does more than train.

Back to work. So you want to play outside linebacker in the NFL for 15 years, do you?

Finally, just your average trip to the gym. Have you done your 700-pound pelvic thrusts today?

I sprouted seven sports hernias just watching that. Let's close up shop.

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