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Casserly: Murray top QB, Bosa top player on boards

Kyler Murray is rumored to be the first quarterback and player off the board when the 2019 NFL Draft kicks off and the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock on Thursday night. But do all teams value the Oklahoma QB so highly?

According to a poll of 23 teams conducted by NFL Network's Charley Casserly, Murray is considered the top quarterback in this draft by 17 organizations.

Meanwhile, Missouri's Drew Lock earned three first-place votes, two teams see Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins as the top signal-caller available and just one of the 23 clubs polled sees Duke's Daniel Jones as the best QB in the draft.

"That's the biggest change here as we got more teams in it. Lock began to gain some steam, and you can see from the overall rankings, 2 (Haskins), 3 (Lock) and 4 (Jones) are all together," Casserly said Tuesday on Path to the Draft on NFL Network. "Indicative of these guys can go anywhere in any order in the draft. Most people aren't enamored with this quarterback class. That's what I'm finding out."

When it comes to the top player on teams' boards, 24 clubs polled by Casserly were mostly split between Ohio State's Nick Bosa and Alabama's Quinnen Williams. Bosa received 11 first-place votes, while Williams got 9.5.

"When people talk about why Bosa over Williams, pass rusher. They feel he's a better pass rusher than Williams and we're going to give an edge to the pass rusher," Casserly said. "But these guys are neck and neck for the top player in the draft."

Also considered the top player in the draft is Murray, who received 2.5 first-place votes in Casserly's poll.

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