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Carson Palmer suffers setback, goes to see specialist

Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arianssaid earlier this week that Wednesday would be the key day in determining whether Carson Palmer will return to the lineup this week in Denver. Palmer wasn't even in the building.

Arians said that Palmer was excused from practice Wednesday so that he can go see another specialist regarding a nerve issue in his shoulder.

"He threw a bunch last Thursday and Friday and then regressed," Arians said Wednesday, via NFL Media's Alex Flanagan.

That does not sound promising. Palmer said last week he fully expected to start against the Broncos, but it's safe to expect Drew Stanton to get the call now. This news raises questions about whether Palmer's injury could be a long-term problem. He's already been out nearly a month.

This isn't a simple injury that a player can rehabilitate to make better. Nerve issues are unpredictable and often threaten a player's livelihood. Seeing another specialist after suffering a setback makes us wonder when, and if, Palmer will get back on the field this season.

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