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Carson Palmer joins social media with a bang

Carson Palmer might need to add "social media maven" to his resume after his sterling entrance to the arena.

Palmer, the 35-year-old starting quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, finally got with the times and created an Instagram and Facebook account to connect with his fans.

And as far as first posts go, Palmer came out of the gates hot. Just take a look:

"@carsonpalmer3 Better late than never! Excited to share the journey with you guys this year. #BirdGang #LastManOnSocial"

This post has everything you wouldn't expect from a middle-aged NFL quarterback: Wit, pop-culture relevancy (Fox's hit show "Last Man on Earth"), solid Photoshop skills, and humor. Which is why it's easy to surmise that Palmer wasn't acting alone here. Perhaps he hired away some of Tom Brady's brilliant social media team.

Either way, welcome to the world of social media, Carson Palmer! Just be careful out there. The waters can run deep and dangerous at times, but it looks like you're in good hands thus far. We here at NFL Media are excited to see where you take us next on your social media adventure.

Oh, and get a Twitter account while you're at it. Thanks.

-- Alex Gelhar writes mostly about fantasy football for, but his old soul was inspired to pay tribute to Palmer joining social media. You can chat with Alex on the interwebs via Twitter @AlexGelhar.

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