Carson Palmer gives Terrell Owens a good reference

Before deciding to sign Terrell Owens, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll spoke with Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer, who played with the wide receiver in Cincinnati in 2010, about T.O.'s troubled relationships with quarterbacks in the past.

Palmer, who played under Carroll at Southern California, has a high regard for Owens.

"He loved working with him, loved playing with him. He worked out with him, and knows him really well," Carroll said. "It was really pleasing to hear that."

Palmer said he had no problem giving an endorsement for Owens.

"Just knowing (Carroll's) style and the way he goes about teaching and leading his team, I just thought T.O. would be a great fit," Palmer said. "I really enjoyed playing with (Owens). It was a great relationship when I was there, and I just let coach know I thought he would fit in really well with his style. I think they'll have a lot of success together."

Owens and Palmer worked out together in the offseason, along with several other Raiders players. The two exchanged text messages shortly after Owens signed with the Seahawks.

"He was looking for a job anywhere," Palmer said. "I know he's worked extremely hard to come back from the injuries he's had over the past couple of years. He was looking for a spot anywhere he could go."

*The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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