Carroll tosses Michael Bennett out of 'Hawks practice

Michael Bennett has had no problem speaking his mind as of late.

On Saturday, the brash Seahawks defensive tackle called upon his fellow football stars to be more involved with social issues, namedropping a few MVPs in the process. Then, Bennett was quoted alongside his brother, Martellus, in an ESPN feature, making fun of the league's most divisive quarterbacks and calling Jay Cutler"the worst quarterback in the NFL." All this while Bennett is unabashedly pursuing a contract negotiation from Seattle, confirming that the defensive end is transforming the 2016 preseason into the Michael Bennett Magical Attention Tour.

Apparently, Pete Carroll is having none of it, and the Seahawks coach showed Bennett who was boss on Thursday.

Carroll threw his star defensive end out of a practice session after Bennett and Cliff Avril got into it with left guard Mark Glowinski during a heated team drill. Bennett reportedly had to be restrained by fellow tackle Jordan Hill before being booted by Carroll, who thought Bennett's aggression went over the line.

"(The team's passion is) translating into sometimes we lose a little bit of the poise that we need," Carroll said after practice. "We can't play like that. You get in a skirmish, you get thrown out. That's what happens. So that happened today. And that's just the way you do it, the way we do it."

Preseason jawing is completely normal, and in some cases acceptable as a team-building exercise. But for the oldest coach in the league, Bennett's yapping -- on and off the field -- had gone on long enough without repercussions.

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