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Cardinals to incorporate 'phone breaks' in meetings

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury is still young at 39 and he's found a way to connect with his younger players by using an approach from his time coaching in the college ranks.

And it comes in a form of technology, which a vast majority of the human race simply can't be without in modern times.

Kingsbury told reporters Tuesday at the Annual League Meeting that he will implement a plan to keep his players' attention, a practice he used as the head coach at Texas Tech.

"Cell phone breaks, that's what it is now," Kingsbury said, via the Cardinals' official website. "They're itching to get to those things."

Kingsbury knows firsthand what the electronic devices mean to the millennial and Gen Z generations, even when their attention should be focused on what is going on at the front of a room.

"I think coming from the college ranks, obviously, those young men, it's got to be quick hitters," he explained. "Twenty minutes at a time, give them a break and get them back in.

"We want to make sure when we have them, they're focused and they're locked in, and we're maximizing that time. So, if we've got to split it up or have shorter meetings, that's what we do."

The new head coach said he prefers to usually get in a "good run" of meeting time, which he said was around 20-30 minutes, before taking a little break if attentions spans are waning.

"You start to see kind of hands twitching and legs shaking, and you know they need to get that social media fix," Kingsbury told reporters. "So, we'll let them hop over there and then get back in the meeting and refocus."

Meanwhile, credit the first-year head coach for finding a way to connect with his players to keep their attention during meetings.

Whether it helps Arizona improve from last season's 3-13 record or make the postseason for the first time since 2015 remains to be seen.

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