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Cardinals' Adrian Peterson: I have a lot left in the tank

Adrian Peterson stood on the sideline most of his time in New Orleans, rushing just 27 times for 81 yards through four games. After the trade to Arizona, the 32-year-old running back is ready to show he still has what it takes to be a workhorse.

"I have so much left," Peterson said. "I look to play at least four or five more years, god willing. I have a lot left in the tank. Stay tuned. You guys will be able to see that firsthand."

Peterson has heard the discussions that given his age and injury history, perhaps he's no longer a runner who can carry an offense.

"Do I still got it?" Peterson responded to a question. "Well I don't think it's that mentality, 'do I still got it,' but that's all you hear from the media...'oh he lost it' this that and the other. So, of course, in my mind was like, OK, I know that's not the case. When I go out there I'm always putting my best foot forward and I feel like it will speak for itself."

All Day added it's not his "first rodeo" playing behind a heretofore struggling offensive line and he's been able to be productive in the past.

Peterson's mentality meshes with what coach Bruce Arians said he saw on film from the running back in limited opportunities this season.

"I've been really pleased with tape this years I saw on him this year, it's just his opportunities dwindled down there (in New Orleans)," Arians said Wednesday. "And I haven't been satisfied with our running game, and that's no knock on Chris Johnson (who was cut Tuesday). I love Chris Johnson. It just didn't work out. When (Peterson) was available, we thought it was the best thing for our football team."

Arians added that Peterson brings an element to the Cardinals running game it's been missing since David Johnson went down with a wrist injury.

"A violent runner who still has it," Arians said of what he saw from Peterson. "He's not 22 anymore, but he still pours it up in there and it's very exciting."

Arians said Peterson would be ready to start Sunday versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, though the coach added he wouldn't be in on third downs, as he learns the nuances of the Cardinals passing and blocking schemes.

The trade of Peterson from New Orleans to Arizona works out well for both teams and gives Peterson a chance to be a starting running back, instead of stuck on the sideline behind Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

"I wasn't pushing to be moved. But I would be lying to you if I didn't want a change of scenery," Peterson said. "After four weeks seeing how things played out. So yeah, it was something that I was praying about: 'God I need you to answer this prayer for me, are you listening to me?' But in the midst of that I was still in tune and locked in...It was rough, but I was still locked in and taking care of my business. And the prayer was answered."

Peterson's prayers were answered. Now the Cardinals are praying they've found a motor to help power an offense stuck in neutral.

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