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Cardale Jones: I thought Bills' draft call was a prank

You've just received the most important phone call of your entire life -- but is it for real?

That's what former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones asked himself when the Bills called to inform him he would be the final pick of the fourth round in last week's NFL draft.

"I was just so excited," Jones told Buffalo's WGR-AM, per ESPN's Mike Rodak. "I'm not gonna lie; I haven't even told the coaches this yet: I thought it was kind of like a prank call. Because I was getting calls from weird numbers all day. I would answer and (they) would hang up."

The Bills didn't hang up, but Jones still wasn't sold.

"I didn't believe it until it went across (the TV screen)," Jones said. "I was in my room, watching it. When I stepped out to the front to finish watching it with my family, my name popped up at the bottom. I just put the phone down and it was just crazy."

He's not wrong. Check out the evidence:

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